Wildwood Daytrippers is a family owned and operated shower house and parking lot located next to the beach and Moreys pier at 421 East 24th Avenue, North Wildwood, NJ.
If you're interested in visiting the beauiful white sands beaches and world famous boardwalk but think you can't afford it then this is the place for you!
Don't worry about going to the shore and not being able to find a parking spot or a comfortable place to take a hot, private shower and change.
At Wildwood Daytrippers you can enjoy the day at the beach, soaking in the sun, building sand castles and swimming in the ocean.
To save even more money, pack yourself a picnic lunch and a bucket of chicken for dinner. Then return to Daytrippers for a refreshing hot, private shower and change into your boardwalk clothes for a fun filled night on the boards.
If you just want to shower and change but don't want to pay to park. Daytrippers offers free parking while you shower.
The City of North Wildwood does not permit people sleeping in cars or RV's overnight